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On the Statistics page you will be able to find information and charts about:

  • The average SPAC - Lifetime performance
  • Top Performers - Top 20 SPACs by Total Return
  • Top Performers - Top 20 pre-merger SPACs by Total Return
  • Sector Performance - Total Return by Sector
  • Relative Valuation - Relative Target Valuation by Sector
  • Maximum Drawdown - Total Return vs Maximum Drawdown
  • Premium to NAV - Average Premium to NAV over Time for pre-announcement SPACs
  • Warrants Intrinsic Value - Warrants trading at a premium to Intrinsic Value
  • Warrants Intrinsic Value - Warrants trading at a discount to Intrinsic Value
  • Current Price vs All-time High - Top 20 pre-merger SPACs with biggest drop from All Time High
  • Social Media Trends - Top 20 SPACs trending on Reddit
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